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Dr. Paul Jo specializes in treatment of urologic issues for both men and women with a focus on urinary incontinence, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and erectile dysfunction.  Because Dr. Jo and his staff are committed to total patient care, you can have confidence in his ability to diagnose and treat the urological problems you are experiencing.

Dr. Jo, one of Ocala's best loved and most respected urologists, attributes much of his success for his practice to the dedication of his staff. He is also exceptionally proud of how his clinic maintains a caring environment, with total patient care as top priority, not only in treatment of the diagnosed problem, but also concern for the patient's overall well-being. "We care and we communicate from the heart. My staff and I realize that...perhaps we are the only ones the patient or their spouse has spoken to or vented their anxieties to in weeks."

Dr. Jo, a native of Korea, moved to Dallas at 14 years old. As a graduate of his Dallas-based medical school, he then completed his residency at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Jo and his wife Marie, a professional concert pianist, have three children together. They spend much of their time promoting Ocala's cultural scene, including the launch of a new nonprofit organization called Celebrate Life Concert Series, with proceeds going to support various local charities and scholarships.

Urology Care of Central Florida Cares

Success," says Dr. Jo, "is measured by what you do with your life. When I stand before God at the end of my life, and God tells me that I have been a faithful servant, then I'll know that my life has been a success."


"Dr. Jo combines evident clinical skill with tremendous warmth and compassion. He is precisely what one wishes to find in a doctor's treatment of patients: experience, expertise, and genuine concern for the individual in front of him."


"Dr. Jo is the most caring , competent, and reassuring doctor of urology I have found in Florida since my retirement. I pray God gives him many years for his work, and many more for his personal enjoyment. Excellent Christian doctor."


"I felt very comfortable and respected during my cystoscopy. Dr. Jo has a caring way about him and I trust him."


"Dr. Jo prepared me mentally & medically, prayed with me, visited me, then performed the prostatectomy surgery. I admire, respect, and have the greatest confidence in Dr. Jo and love the spiritual atmosphere in his office."


"He is an exceptional doctor. He is very knowledgeable and his bedside manner was very caring and informative. I would recommend him to all my friends and family. Thank you for treating me like a person Dr. Jo. 100% love his positive attitude."

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