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Interstim™ for Overactive Bladder

Constant Fear of Wetting?
Overactive Bladder?

Overactive bladder can be more than a mere inconvenience—it can be a major lifestyle hindrance.1

Are you…

  • Always looking for a restroom everywhere you go?
  • Purchasing endless pantyliners?
  • Making sure you have an extra set of clothes?
  • Feeling the effects on your daily activities and relationships?

One woman tells a story about spilling a glass of water in her lap at a meeting, so she could disguise the fact she had leaked urine all over herself.

Overactive bladder can distract you from your relationships, your work, and the hobbies you love—such as jogging, dancing, or playing golf.

Overactive bladder is a hinderance to your daily life.

Do you fear you've exhausted all of your options?

Fixes for overactive bladder may vary by person. Some patients choose to take medication to treat their overactive bladder. These medications work by inhibiting smooth muscles in the bladder. But for patients who can’t tolerate medication, or who haven’t responded to these medications, there’s another option.

It's called InterStim™ Therapy

InterStim™ is different as it works on the nerves of the bladder, rather than on the muscles. InterStim™ therapy stimulates the sacral nerves1 to reduce the overactive bladder signals.

Tell Me More! The Benefits of InterStim™

InterStim™  is an implanted system that sends mild electrical pulses to assist the communication between the bladder and the brain.

You can think of the InterStim™ implant as a type of “pacemaker” for the bladder. This implant is considered to be a neurostimulator—it stimulates the sacral nerves as it sends signals to it.

Treatment is minimally invasive, side effects are rare, and relief is REAL.

  • Decreased frequent urination in very small amounts
  • Reduce your sudden urge to go
  • Finally empty your bladder

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